Shfty Nfts allows you to create encrypted NFTs where only the token holder can see what's inside. Turn any text or file into a secure, private token you can save, send, or sell.

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This is a hackathon app. There is no password recovery feature. You've been warned!

What's it for?

Most NFTs are just links to content that exists publicly on the web, not truly unique, scarce items. Shfty Nft allows you to actually place your content inside the token and make it private - meaning only the token holder can unlock and view it.

This opens a whole range of possibilities!

  • Send secret messages inside a token to a friend, colleague, or that special someone.
  • Create scarce art or articles that can only be viewed by the holder, allowing them to choose whether to share with the world, sell access, or hide it away for themselves.
  • Send unique gifts.
  • Store your own ideas or creations securely on the blockchain with a timestamp to prove when you made them.

Play around and see what you can do!